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629 E Sheridan St | PO Box 30 Ely, MN 55731

Rules and Regulations

In order to preserve wilderness values the following rules have been established.

No more than nine people may camp together in the BWCA-Quetico Wilderness. Larger groups must split up into sub-groups of nine or less and camp at two or more campsites.

Food supplies may not contain any cans or glass bottles. Fresh and freeze dried foods packaged in plastic or foil pouches are allowed.

The BWCA has designated campsites that include a fire grate and box latrine. For Quetico trips you need to carry your own fire grate and a small shovel.

For campfires, use only dead and down wood that’s gathered away from the campsite. It is illegal to cut live vegetation for any reason.

Drown your campfire with water whenever leaving camp.

Have respect for fellow campers by keeping noise levels at a minimum.

The lake water is pollution-free, however, there’s always that chance of coming in contact with Giardia parasite. Thus it’s recommended that you boil or filter your water before drinking.

BWCA and Quetico Park Rules - Canoe Country Outfitters
BWCA and Quetico Park Rules - Canoe Country Outfitters

Dump soapy dishwater at least 200 feet from the shoreline.

Every person must have a life vest (PFD). Although wearing one is not required by law, it must at least be accessible when traveling in the canoe or boat.

The entire Quetico Park is non-motorized, as is virtually all of the BWCA as well. The only BWCA lakes in the Ely area that allow motors are Fall Lake, Newton, Snowbank, South Farm, the Moose Lake Chain, and parts of Basswood Lake.

Rapids in our area are generally not safe to “run.” Portages have been made for a reason and we suggest using them at all times.

We are a Cooperator with the USDA Forest Service under the Superior National Forest. We issue permits into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. To preserve the wilderness, visitors to the BWCAW must follow certain regulations.

In the Quetico: Dogs are allowed as long as rabies shot papers are along. Barbless hooks are required for fishing (you may pinch-down the barbs on the hooks that you presently have). No live bait is allowed in Quetico but it is OK in the BWCA. Firearms are also banned in the Quetico

* * * * “As a cooperator we are an equal opportunity service provider” * * * *