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BWCA and Quetico Park Permits


Chicago – 567
Cincinnati – 863
Cleveland – 917
Des Moines – 487
Dubuque – 444
Fargo – 275
Indianapolis – 750
Kansas City – 679
Louisville – 865
Milwaukee – 496
Mpls./St. Paul – 225
Omaha – 620
St. Louis – 780

Entry permits are required for overnight camping in the BWCA. Each permit and campsite allows up to nine people. Larger party sizes would need additional permits and must camp at more than one campsite. Permits are very limited so early reservations are advised. The BWCA camping fee is $16 per adult per trip, while youth under age 18 pay $8 per trip.

We’ll gladly reserve permits in your behalf but you also have the option of going online and reserving direct with the Permit Center. Each permit requires a $6 non-refundable application fee plus a camping fee deposit. You have the option of paying all camping fees in advance or just the $32 minimum requirement (then pay the remainder upon arrival in Ely).

When we reserve a permit in your behalf we add a $10 service fee.

Each Quetico Park entry permit and campsite allows up to 9 people. All camping fees are payable in advance using a Visa or Mastercard. For the Prairie Portage entry point the camping fee amount is $21.50 per adult per night and $8.50 for those age 6-17 (in Canadian Funds). Click the Permit Center button below to reserve a permit, or contact us and we’ll take care of it on your behalf for a $10 service fee.

Those entering the Quetico Park through the Prairie Portage or Cache Bay Ranger Stations must clear Canadian Customs by mail at least 4 weeks in advance of the trip. We’ll provide the necessary RABC form for this clearance once your Quetico entry permit has been secured. The RABC form covers the applicant, spouse, and all dependent children under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 who doesn’t have a parent going on the trip must file their own RABC form (free of charge). The RABC cost is $30. Anyone who has been convicted of a DWI-DUI offense in the past 10 years will be denied access into Canada. To Re-Enter the U.S. – Each person age 16 and older who visit Canada by land or water needs a Passport to re-enter the U.S. after the trip. Those under age 16 only need a copy of their birth certificate. Youth under age 18 that are part of a non-profit group only need a photocopy of their birth certificate. For cost and information on passport issues click on the Passport Cost and Information button on the left.