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Other Services

Other services offered by Canoe Country Outfitters:

GUIDES are not necessary in order to have a successful canoe trip. If, however, you feel that your party does need guide service, we can arrange it. Our guides are congenial and very experienced at fishing, camping and canoeing. Guide fees are based on party size, but figure $325-$350 a day to cover his wages and outfitting. A definite quote will be sent once we know your party size.

TOW BOAT SERVICE: Ferry service from our Moose Lake base gets you into the more remote waters right away, saving you up to a day’s paddling in some cases. The cost to Prairie Portage is $35 per person, to Birch Lake is $35, to Ensign (Splash Lake) Portage is $33.

Towing from Moose Lake to Washington Island on Basswood Lake is $95 per person or $100 if to Back Bay.

(A $250 minimum charge on all Basswood tows. Rates include the truck shuttle fees at Prairie Portage.) Add a 3% Forest Service “user fee”.

BASSWOOD LAKE BASE CAMP FISHING is suggested if you want to maximize fishing time and minimize travel. You can travel into Basswood Lake by rental boat and motor or have us get you there by towboat. It all depends upon whether you want to use a boat and motor for fishing, or camp and fish in the non-motorized portion of Basswood.

MOOSE LAKE CABINS & CAMPGROUND: Enjoy the BWCA through day trips. Our campground has full hookups, showers, picnic tables, and firewood. The cabin sizes are 2-5 bedroom. Both motorized and “canoe-only” lakes available for fishing. Go to our “Cabin and Campground” web page for details.

FREE CAMPGROUND USE: completely outfitted canoe parties may use our Moose Lake Tent sites free before and after their trip. We’ll provide the camping gear at no extra charge.

LODGING BEFORE/AFTER TRIP: We have rooms located next to our store in Ely that hold up to four people. Also available are 3-bedroom rental houses and a 5-bedroom apartment. Lodging costs range from $22-$35 per person, depending upon group size. In addition, we have a bunkhouse at Moose Lake for $18/person.

VAN SHUTTLES are available to most Ely-area entry points either free of charge or for a very nominal fee. Shuttles are also arranged to more distant BWCA locations such as Crane Lake, Saganaga, Isabella, and Kawishiwi Lake as well as to Quetico Park entries including Lac La Croix, Beaverhouse, Nym, and French Lake.

AIRPORT SERVICES: Our shuttle service between the Duluth Airport and Ely is $220 for a van holding 1-3 people, $245 for 4-6, $265 for 7-9. Hibbing Airport is $200 for 1-3 people, $225 for 4-6, $245 for 7-9. These are all “one-way” quotes. Minneapolis Airport to Ely van shuttles also available.

SATELLITE PHONE RENTALS: If you definitely need to stay in contact with someone back home then consider our satellite phone rental. Also gives peace of mind knowing that help can be called should someone in the group get sick or sustain a serious injury. Arrange phone rental well in advance, as supply is limited.

OUR STORE: We have a complete supply of fishing tackle, camping gear, gifts, and souvenirs at our Ely store, as well as the largest selection of freeze-dried foods in the area.

(Information and Rates for the above services will be sent upon request)


MN Fishing Licenses (BWCA)
Ontario Licenses (Quetico)
Nonresident (72hr.) $37.00 8-day Individual $58.06
Nonresident 7-day $44.00 8-day Conservation $33.92
Nonresident Seasonal $52.00 Yearly Individual $88.92
Husband & Wife 14-day $55.00 Yearly Conservation $56.17
Resident Individual $26.00 Outdoor Card* $ 9.68
Res.Husband & Wife $40.00 *(Required with Ontario lic.)
Youth Age 16 & 17 $ 6.00
(Children under age 16 are included free on parent’s MN license and under 18 on Ontario license)

MAP MAIL ORDERS: We mail out Fisher F-Series and McKenzie brand maps. These maps are waterproof and highly detailed. Also available is a colorful map showing the entire BWCA-Quetico Wilderness. All maps are $5.00, postage & handling included. Add $4.00 to map order if maps are desired unfolded in a cardboard tube. Add 7.375% Sales Tax.